Adult Martial Arts

Regardless of whether you want to learn Martial Arts for self protection, for fitness, competition, for weight loss or simply for fun, we have a class suitable for you to train in.

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Kid’s Classes

childrens martial arts basingstokeAt our Academy, children not only learn self-defence skills, they learn much more from us. Martial Arts training with us is different, it’s fun, it’s exciting and as a life skill is invaluable.

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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes BasingstokeIn our fitness classes you’ll feel those calories just burning off during each class. With our Zumba and Body Combat classes you'll have a great workout and feel great about it!

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Maria Miller visits Dove House Academy

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Maria Miller

Basingstoke MP Maria Miller recently visited us at Dove House Academy to watch one of the Judo classes take place. The class covered a number of groundwork techniques and also some work on strength and conditioning. Dove House Judo club is a satellite club within Shin Gi Tai Martial Arts Academy and is based at the Academy, The […]

Fear and the Martial Arts

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Fear is the mindkiller

We are all afraid of something at times. Anyone who tells you that they’ve never been afraid is lying. For some people it’s Spiders (Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia) or Clowns (Coulrophobia) or Heights (Hypsiphobia) or Flying (Pteromerhanophobia) or Darkness (Lygophobia) There is even Fear of being laughed at (Gelotophobia) and Fear of Knees (Genuphobia.) Some people have […]

Success or Not

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My success

Being a Martial Artist we learn and practice self reliance and self discipline. We can work with the best coaches in the world, the best fellow students and have the best facilities, but the hard work, effort, sweat, tears, blood and determination all come from within us and that’s what makes us good or not. […]

Summer Competition

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Best Photograph

  We have some good entries so far for the best photograph of someone wearing a Shin Gi Tai T Shirt or Hoody? Still a few weeks to get your entries in. You don’t have to be in a really exotic location, but the photograph has to be interesting.  You can also upload a photograpy […]

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